Duct Cleaning


Ever wonder what could be lurking in your duct work?

Have you ever really thought about the air that you breathe while you are in the comfort of your own home? Probably not, as many people associate poor air quality with the outdoors or being in a public area. No one really wants to think that the air they breathe in their own home is not top quality breathable air.

Can duct cleaning prevent you and your family from health problems, really no one knows. But know that air ducts can become contaminated with a variety of materials that could pose risks to you and your family’s health. Your duct system can serve as a means to distribute these contaminants throughout your home. So having a knowledgeable and responsible service company like Rick’s Refrigeration & Heating, Inc. clean your duct system would make perfect sense.

As you are aware, your heating/cooling system should undergo routine maintenance. Your duct work is not the same. Although your duct system can get dirty over time, it should only be cleaned occasionally. Just as routine system maintenance can improve your equipment’s performance, having your duct system cleaned can only help to contribute to the efficiency of your system and thus resulting in a longer operating life, as well as some energy and maintenance cost savings. It is certainly not detrimental to your system or its performance.

Here at Rick’s Refrigeration & Heating, Inc. we can provide you with a documented visual report because we utilize a camera that can show you exactly what your duct work looks like from the inside out.

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